Thursday, August 6, 2015

Super Simple and Elegant Style from Nyinya


Long time I don't open my blog. Hugh...
*sweeping my home*

I'm so sorry if I'm longer not posting on my blog. I'm very hectic to prepare my interview process to get my job after graduation. Huaaaa *scared*...
I'm so stressed because the question by question who asked to me after graduation, like "what is your job?".
It seems I want to scream to their ears that I'M A JOB SEEKER! DON'T ASK ME ANYMORE! *LOLL*

After finished my interview at some offices and met some colleges, that's why I want to post this. Just to remind you that we have to notice our style before meet some peoples. Yes! mostly of people want to look like an elegant people. But, they don't wanna use tricky style. So, let's check out how to be super simple and elegant style:
1. White or Black Shirt
Believe or not, you're never wrong if wear white or black shirt. YES! OF COURSE! Don't use overmuch pattern to your shirt. Simply, because I don't wanna ruin simple viewpoint.
2. Simple necklace
The most important to build simply style is don't too much. HA HA YES INDEED! If you wear a black or white shirt, don't forget to put your necklace on. Why? Because I don't wanna you look so plain. I suggest you to wear gold or peach colours.
3. Culotte Pants
In middle of this year, culotte pants back to boom some fashioners in worldwide. So, some fashion blogger showed their style so that looks elegant. It wasn't era to wear super skinny pants. Huh...
Choose dark blue or light brown  culotte pant. Don't forget to wear high heels. Or, if you don't comfort with it, use flat shoes.

4. Hand bag
Oh, it's why some fashion blogger look like an elegance super model. Pick your light brown hand bag.
5. Round Hand watch
Why I suggest you to wear round hand watch? Everyone will notice a tinny thing you missed, BTW. HA HA..
So, stay sophisticated on time ladies! 10023477 Round Watch from Ted Baker shopped at Zalora Indonesia, classic collection with metallic bezel combination also diamond accent. Your style will be stunning and elegant.

Pict source from Pinterest

Pict source from Pinterest
Pict source

Pict source from

There's mine.
How about your style?
Tell me please :)

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